Authentic hope in your spirit

By Dave Henning / February 23, 2017

“In order to arrive at an authentic hope in your spirit, accepting your detours is necessary.”- Dr. Tony Evans

As Tony Evans concludes Chapter 1 of Detours, he notes a key component in fulfilling your destiny involves understanding your detours.  Too often, however, we fail to understand our detours.  As a result, we view them in a wrong light.  With our vision obscured, we create room in our hearts for impatience, bitterness, regret, and doubt to grow.

Therefore, instead of allowing our detour to produce growth, that detour actually sets us back.  Also, setbacks set us up for more detours- a vicious cycle.  Hence, God brings our destiny to fruition only when He knows we’re able to handle it on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.

Scripture contains many examples of destinies reached by detour.  Yet, God’s approach differs significantly with ours.  Typically, we give a plan or projection to someone right before we plan to carry it out.  Unlike us, God supplies a glimpse of our destiny long before we’re prepared and ready to actualize it.

Consequently, we need patience and authentic hope to reach our destiny- both learned traits.  Furthermore, detours consist of good and bad happening concurrently.  Dr. Evans explains:

“Bad and good happen concurrently in order to bring us to the place God has for you.  The first and greatest lesson in detours includes recognizing this reality at a level that allows you to trust God and His hand in the midst of evil, sin, and disappointment in your life.

God is greater than all of it, and will use it for good when we surrender to Him through a heart of faith, hope, forgiveness, and love.”

Today’s question: What Bible verses anchor authentic hope in your spirit?  Please share.

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