Development- a painful process

By Dave Henning / February 24, 2017

“Development . . . often a painful process of breaking us out of our own ambitions and independence so we can live a life of surrender and obedience before God.”- Dr. Tony Evans

In Chapter 2 (“The Pain of Detours”) of Detours, Tony Evans reminds us sometimes God asks us to take the next step without revealing our destination.  Hence, when we understand the normative reality that living a life of faith involves detours, we’re more willing to trust God.  We believe He’ll reveal the rationale and reason as time goes on.

Yet, something curious occurs when God’s ready to move you to the next level.  Things actually get worse before they get better!  As a result, God creates detours in order to:

  • perform needed construction on the pathways of your soul
  • chip away at parts that don’t fit where He’s taking you
  • strengthen the things not yet ready for your destiny
  • roadblock you several times before reaching your destination- depending on your response

Furthermore, seeing purpose through the pain enables us to bear up under our pain with a great deal more dignity.  Sometimes that pain involves losing something we treasure.  In fact, Dr. Evans observes, often the very thing you fear losing the most is the thing you lose.  Until life strips you of your own self-sufficiency, you lean toward self-reliance.  When you hit rock bottom, Dr. Evans states, you discover that God is the rock at the bottom.

In conclusion, Dr. Evans offers these words of encouragement:

“God has a plan for you.  Try not to fight the detours that are designed to take you to its culmination.  Praise Him in the pain, even if it’s just a faint word that falls off your parched lips.  He knows what He is doing,  He has great things up ahead for you.”

Today’s question: What Bible verses strengthen your spiritual development during your desert, land between time?  Please share.

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