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By Dave Henning / February 28, 2017

“Far too often, we are chasing our destiny so much that we forget to maximize the location where we are.”- Dr. Tony Evans

As Dr. Tony Evans concludes Chapter 4 of Detours, he completes his discussion of detours and training.  Then, he moves on to detours and temptation.

Dr. Evans exhorts you to always, always be faithful where God has currently placed you.  You never know when God inspires someone else’s mind and heart to move you further along into your destiny.  Specifically, you have a right now destiny.  Dr. Evans explains:

“Whether we are in a preparation stage of destiny, a connection and networking stage of destiny, or simply a waiting stage of destiny — God’s purpose for your lives is always a current purpose.  It’s a right now destiny.”

Therefore, if we constantly await something greater, we lose both contentment and gratitude for the place God has us right now.  Regardless of the situation you’re in, focus on your relationship with God.  You put less pressure on that situation.  That, in turn, keeps you from collapsing under a pile of purpose.

3.  Detours and temptation.  Dr. Evans notes that sometimes detours confuse us.  Because they look irrational and illogical, detours cause us to question and doubt.  We see only the pit and the problems, not where the detour takes us.

As a result, we need to distinguish between Satan’s use of detours and Jesus’ use.  Dr. Evans observes:

“While Satan uses temptations to derail us from our destiny, God uses those same temptations to detour us to our destiny.  Our responsibility is not to yield.”

The “purifying grace of acceptance and the power of peace” support you in living out your current and future destiny.

Today’s question: What Scriptures strengthen you as you maximize the location?  Please share.

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