The key to your spiritual success

By Dave Henning / March 15, 2017

“The key to your spiritual success is focus (emphasis author’s).”- Dr. Tony Evans

As Dr. Tony Evans concludes Chapter 13 of Detours, he reminds you of the need to maintain focus on the right perspective as you meander though detours to your destiny.  Even though you quite possibly feel removed from purpose, passion, and peace, you may be only a step away from your destiny.

For example, Dr. Evans notes, every time we see Joseph, we see God with him as well- without fail.  God allowed, approved, and made Himself visible within everything that happened in Joseph’s life.  The author applies this to us:

“If you take God seriously, you can never be a victim to your circumstances because your circumstances wouldn’t be your circumstances without God allowing it to be used to take you to your destiny. . . . If Satan can keep God out of the equation of your understanding, you will lose perspective on the treadmill of life and only see the sweat of the uphill climb.”

As a result, Joseph always kept God in the equation.  Therefore, when Joseph confronted his brothers to calm their fears about their sinful actions, He invoked God’s name five times.  As with Joseph, opening your heart to God opens your eyes as well.

Life stripped Joseph of everything one imagines losing.  Except one thing- his destiny.  Like Joseph, your destiny sits securely in the hand of God.

In conclusion, align your perspective with the Lord’s.  God loves to surprise, as Dr. Evans describes:

“God loves to flip things on a dime.  He loves to operate in the surprise of ‘suddenlies.’  Because when He does, He is the only One who can get the credit and the glory.”

Today’s question: What Scriptures make focus the key to your spiritual success?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Success is Who you have”

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