An absolute we can count on

By Dave Henning / April 4, 2017

“God’s loving presence is an absolute we can count on.”- Esther Fleece

Esther Fleece begins Part 2 (“A New Way to Pray”) of No More Faking Fine with Chapter 6 (“Why?”).  As Esther opens the chapter, she notes that questions we’re afraid to voice don’t go away.  The howl of the soul cries “Why?”  Yet, Esther, states, even though that question isn’t always answered in a way that brings us peace, it’s still okay to ask the question.

Good parents know that their children’s questions serve as a relationship-building tool.  As Esther points out, lament serves that same purpose with God.  The author explains:

“God permits us to ask questions in our lament for the same reason.  Even if the answers cannot be explained in this life, He still loves to draw near to us in conversation.  He loves that we bring our questions to Him.  Even the hardest ones.”

Therefore, Esther believes, God desires our honest questions rather than faked spiritual strength.  As a result, when God permits us to ask why, He never responds by saying, “Because I told you so.”  The author adds, “God never responds unmoved.”

In the midst of your agony, Esther exhorts you to exhibit the courage to draw near to God and experience intimacy.  In the process, lament functions as your lifeline.  Bring your hard questions to God.  Continue to ask Him for help.  Finally, find the courage to seek Him.

In conclusion, Esther reminds us:

“God’s loving presence is an absolute we can count on.  But that doesn’t mean He will always provide an immediate or satisfying answer when He hears our cries.  God is lovingly and powerfully present with us in our laments.  However, sometimes that knowledge needs to be enough.  Sometimes we need to learn to love God more than the happy ending we hope for.”

Today’s question: What Bible verses support the idea that God’s loving presence is an absolute we can count on?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “When we lose lament- losing the depth and goodness of the gospel”

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