Circumstances might not always feel like a gift

By Dave Henning / April 9, 2017

“My circumstances may not always feel like a gift, but His presence is the greatest present in any circumstance.”- Esther Fleece

In Chapter 8 (“Don’t Forget Me”) of No More Faking Fine, Esther Fleece asks this question.  Have you ever felt God was withholding something from you?  While you celebrate friends’ milestones and successes, do you wonder when it will be your turn?  Yes, God provides our daily bread.  But, Esther quips, in all honesty we want the cake- with the cherry on top too!

Thus, Satan’s goal = getting us to feel neglected by God.  Ms. Fleece explains:

“If the enemy can get us to feel neglected by God, there’s no way we’ll feel safe enough to bring our laments to Him.  That’s the heart of his strategy . . . . When we have experienced something that makes us feel forgotten, neglected, or unloved, the first thing the enemy will do is whisper to us that God sees or treats us the same way.  The enemy wants us to question the character and nature of god, and the enemy wants us to question God’s goodness toward us.”

However, Ms. Fleece asks, what if we did turn to God with our laments, honestly crying out, “God, don’t forget me!”  Even though people may see no need for us, God never disposes of us.

Therefore, when you see a warped reflection of God through the lens of your circumstances, spend time with God and in His Word.  As you do so, you remind yourself of His true character.  Whether you describe your current situation as a prison or a palace, God remains near.

In conclusion, Esther states:

“Our prospering has everything to do with who God is toward us, not whether or not we are delivered from our circumstances.”

Today’s question: When do your circumstances not feel like a gift?  Please share.

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