Our deepest and most pressing need

By Dave Henning / May 12, 2017

“Our deepest and most pressing need is to learn to walk with God.  To hear his voice.  To follow him intimately (emphasis author’s).”- John Eldredge

John Eldredge originally wrote Walking with God: How to Hear His Voice in 2008.  In 2016, he published an expanded edition.  Mr. Eldredge deliberately chose to structure his book around the seasons of the year.   Since life doesn’t come to us in neatly organized sections with helpful settings and footnotes, no chapters exist.  As John notes, “life comes to us in a series of stories.”

In the Introduction, John stresses that learning to live intimately with God constitutes our deepest need.  Just like Adam and Eve, God created us to walk with Him and talk with Him.

However, to make the keys of life work, we often monitor, assess, observe, and adjust.  Yet, the only lasting fruit such efforts seem to bear consists of tying ourselves in knots.

According to John, the good news is we can’t figure out life like that.  In fact, we weren’t meant to master principles and disciplines to ensure life works out.  Furthermore, God won’t allow this to happen.

For if we succeed without God, John emphasizes, we’ll find ourselves infinitely further from Him.  Then, we start to believe what John refers to as terrible things about the universe.  As a result, we think I can make it on my own or If only I try harder, I can succeed.

In conclusion, Mr. Eldredge contrasts solving one problem with solving life.  He writes:

“If you give someone an answer, a rule, a principle, you help him solve one problem.  But if you teach him to walk with God, well then, you’ve helped him solve the rest of his life.  You’ve helped him tap into an inexhaustible source of guidance, comfort, and protection.”

Today’s question: What describes your deepest and most pressing need?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “An intimate, conversational walk with God”

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