Worship language – or the living God?

By Dave Henning / May 30, 2017

“We do not worship language; we worship the living God, who assures us that his word to us is life (emphasis author’s).”- John Eldredge

“The words I [Jesus] have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.”- John 6:63

As John Eldredge continues the Winter section of Walking with God, he advises that he finds it richly rewarding to ask Jesus what He’s saying to us.  Because Jesus:

  • knows the very words we need to hear
  • uses the very words that best convey His meaning to our hearts with greatest precision
  • wants us to understand not just what He says but what He means- and the spirit of His meaning

However, it’s very helpful to realize certain words and phrases open our hearts to the meaning God intended.  In contrast, other words and phrases close our hearts to the meaning God wants to convey.

Therefore, Mr. Eldredge cites John 6:68 as a good test of what we believe God’s said to us.  The author encourages us to ask, Does what I’ve heard in fact bring life? 

Yet, John observes, we’re not always going to like what Jesus says to us.  Sometimes, the author adds, Jesus’ words bring conviction and cut to the quick.  When our sin’s exposed it’s, in some sense, a great relief.  For God constantly offers a way out through repentance and forgiveness.  Most importantly, John reminds us, “we don’t worship language, we worship the living God.  Jesus assures us His words to us are life.

Today’s question: What prevents you from choosing to worship the living God rather than choosing to worship language?  Please share.

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