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By Dave Henning / May 31, 2017

“To come to Christ and realign yourself with him at the end of your day when you are utterly spent and don’t want to pray has a deeply sanctifying effect.”- John Eldredge

In the Winter section of Walking with God, John Eldredge discusses the importance of bedtime prayers.  Specifically, John presents four aspects of bedtime prayers.

1.  Restore and renew yourself in Jesus.  John believes most of us find it difficult to abide in Christ all day long.  Therefore, the author recommends, offer yourself to Jesus once more at the end of the day.  Furthermore, come back under His authority and covering.  Because, it’s the only safe place to be.

2.  Bring the full work of Christ between you and those you’ve connected with that day.  Due to your interaction with others, the warfare in which they have engaged may infiltrate you without your knowing it.  Most importantly, you need a restful night’s sleep

3.  Bring the work of Christ against any foul spirits assaulting you.  Common negative spirits include fear and discouragement.  In addition, show no intention of yielding to those spirits.  Consequently, you must take specific and direct action.

4.  Ask God to send His angels to protect your home and family – as Martin Luther petitioned in his Evening Prayer.

Next, John observes that we tend to use busyness to create distance between ourselves and the longings in our souls.  Therefore, freedom from pain or assault winds up taking precedence over joy.  That, in turn, leads to a willingness to endure.  In Endure, John notes, there’s:

  • little room for joy
  • underlying unbelief
  • idolizing a quality or strength that helps us cope
  • turning to our idol for security
  • creating a blind spot no one tampers with- not even God

As a result, as the day ends, realign yourself with Christ.

Today’s question: How do you realign yourself with Christ?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The whole question of genuine goodness”

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