A lifestyle of listening to God

By Dave Henning / August 2, 2017

“We have to be people who develop a lifestyle of listening to God so we know what our next steps should be.”- Susie Larson, citing author and pastor Adonis Lenzy

In Chapter 7 (“Dare to Pray God’s Promises”) of Your Powerful Prayers, Susie Larson relates a conversation she had with Adonis Lenzy.  The interview covered the importance of taking the next steps God has for us.  Often, Pastor Lenzy observes, we think we’re waiting on God.  In reality, God’s actually the one waiting on us.  Yet, we must develop a lifestyle of listening to God in order to know where to take our next steps.

However, sometimes others question whether or not we’ve really heard from God.  Hence, Ms. Larson offers her perspective:

“Though it’s important to be open to counsel and feedback from our friends and loved ones, sometimes God’s words to us will defy logic.  Sometimes God invites us to a faith that calls us to seemingly stand alone.  But we’re never alone.  We’re always anchored to Him.  It’s especially during such times that we must trust God with everything in us and take only the next steps He lays out for us.”

Therefore, Susie stresses, you get more familiar with God’s voice the more you read His Word and seek His face.  In addition, the more you clearly hear God and recognize His direction, the more boldly you ask Him to accomplish things only He can accomplish.  As a result, you rely less on the limited view of your own perspective.

In conclusion, Ms. Larson states that God’s involvement and call for your engagement reveal how deeply He wants to partner with you to accomplish His earthly purposes.  But His answers take time.  Because He works through people.  And quite often we’re the ones with the slow response.

Today’s question: What Bible verses help you develop a lifestyle of listening to God?  Please share.

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