Often we thwart God’s interventions

By Dave Henning / August 5, 2017

“Oh, how often we thwart God’s interventions on our behalf by taking up our own cause or striking a blow in our own defense.  May God grant each of us this silent power and submissive spirit.”- A. B. Simpson, as quoted in Streams in the Desert

“Submit yourselves, then, to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”- James 4:7

In Chapter 9 (“Dare to Ask”) of Your Powerful Prayers, Susie Larson states we often react to our angst rather than respond to the Lord’s direction.  That’s because we want:

  • to prevail in spiritual battle
  • power in our prayers
  • to see results
  • our dreams and desires fulfilled

Yet, Ms. Larson notes, at times our prayers seem to bounce off the ceiling.  Or they go unanswered.  At times God needs to prepare us to steward the gift or opportunity He plans to entrust to us.  However, at other times we provide the hindrance to our unanswered prayers.

Thus, when answers seem slow to come and the battle rages on, Susie suggests we take a step back and inventory our attitudes and actions.  In other words, our choices often create roadblocks to a thriving, powerful prayer life.  Hence, Ms. Larson stresses, our calling requires a listening ear and a humble, teachable heart.  And prayer, Susie states, is “ultimately about becoming who we were always meant to be in Christ.  It’s about an ongoing, intimate dialogue with the One who puts the stars in their place.”

In conclusion, Ms. Larson looks at the first word in James 4:7 – submit.  Here, the author notes, the word submit carries a military reference, calling for us to get back in rank (emphasis Ms. Larson’s).  We fall out of rank when gateway sins open the door to Satan’s influence.  Such sins include holding a grudge and refusing to forgive.  Consequently, gateway sins thwart God’s interventions.

Today’s question: Which gateway sins thwart God’s interventions in your life?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The ground for answered prayer”

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