The most challenging prayer requests

By Dave Henning / August 7, 2017

“Think of the most challenging prayer requests in your life. . . . Rather than sheepishly muttering a few half-hopeful, half-doubting prayers about that issue, begin praying bold, audacious prayers and watch what God does.”- Eric and Leslie Ludy, Wrestling Prayer

“Being anchored in the goodness of God . . . [is] a stubborn, unrelenting determination not to let the hardships of life downsize the bigness of God.”- Kevin Gerald

In Chapter 10 (“Dare to Seek”) of Your Powerful Prayer,  Susie Larson states it’s important to understand the difference between expectation and expectancy.


  • premeditated disappointment
  • creating your own perfect scenario, then expecting God (or others) to fulfill your stated wishes
  • sets you up for disappointment
  • weakens faith
  • fosters a posture of futility in prayer


  • living with an ear bent toward heaven
  • looking above your circumstances
  • praying with passion and conviction
  • cultivating humble contentment in your current circumstance
  • believing tenaciously that your prayers matter

Hence, when we lose our sense of expectancy, Ms. Larson notes, we too easily acclimate to a low level of earthly misery.  In addition, we tolerate too much guff from Satan.  Thus, we fail to tap into the authority we possess to break free from Satan’s snares and traps.

Furthermore, in 1972, A. W. Tozer wrote the following in I Talk Back to the Devil:

“If you are still wrapped in grave clothes and great fears lie upon you, it is time for you to dare to rise and in sweet faith in the risen Jesus Christ declare: ‘I will not take this any longer.  I am a child of God — why should I go mourning all the day?’ . . . He[God] will answer as the burden rolls away: ‘I have waited long to hear you say that Jesus is the Victor and in Him you overcome.’ ”

In conclusion, Susie prays that “you’ll more quickly discern the difference between surrendering to your circumstances, and surrendering to God in your circumstances.”

Today’s question:  As you consider your desert, land between time, describe your most challenging prayer requests.

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