Our obedience in the valley

By Dave Henning / August 19, 2017

“Our timetable for advancement out of the valley is dependent on our obedience in the valley.”- Os Hillman

Os Hillman concludes Chapter 4 of The Joseph Calling as he reminds us our God is a God of the valleys also.  Therefore, it’s important that we don’t impatiently extricate ourselves from our valley experience.  Premature advancement results in leanness in your soul.

In contrast, Mr. Hillman believes God gives us a picture of our future to remember as we go through our testing period.  This revelation enables us to trust God in our valleys.  Yet, this picture usually doesn’t show us exactly how God intends to reveal His purpose in our lives.  The author adds:

“It is important to understand that none of us really derive the character qualities God desires for our lives while we are on the mountain.  It is in the valley where the fruit is planted and harvested.  Fruit cannot grow on the mountain; it must grow in the valley.  God is a God of the mountains, but he is even more a God of the valleys.”

As a result, each of us must enter the valley to experience the God of the valley.  Yet, we usually do this unwillingly.  However, when we experience the God of the valley, we also get to know His faithfulness in the valleys.  And God never wastes valley experiences.

In conclusion, Os reminds us that we live out our calling for an audience of One:

“You must have the acclaim of God before you have the acclaim of people.  By the time you go through this process, you will not care one bit about the acclaim of others.  That’s the purpose for the training ground — to remove all trust in yourself and your abilities.”

Today’s question: What fosters your obedience in the valley?  Please share.

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