The training ground for kingdom leaders

By Dave Henning / September 1, 2017

“The training ground for a leader in the kingdom of God can often mean years of difficult, unfair treatment.”- Os Hillman

As Os Hillman continues Chapter 10 of The Joseph Calling, he notes that “sometimes obedience does not yield less adversity, it actually increases it.”  In fact, the author states, often the ways of God are laden with our misperceptions.  They include unfairness, crisis, isolation, and doubts on our leadership road.

However, while His servants wait, God’s working.  Most importantly, God’s selecting each person for a handpicked assignment.  Mr. Hillman explains:

“This waiting on God is preparation for a greater depth of use and a greater anointing that cannot be accomplished otherwise.  In fact, the waiting period only adds to the authority that is given, creating a level of authority for you to carry out your assignment from God.”

Furthermore, God doesn’t allow us to remain in our isolation cave for too long, lest our circumstances defeat us.  To overcome them, Os encourages us to do something seemingly unnatural – praise God in the midst of our adversity.  Handling this correctly draws others to your anointing.  In turn, others transform as you permit your anointing to destroy their yoke of bondage.

Only the Lord illuminates our path during dark times.  In 2 Samuel 22:20 we read- “You, LORD, are my lamp; the LORD turns my darkness into light.”  Thus, God uses your greatest failure or sorrow as a powerful force in your life as well as the lives of others.

As a result, your cave becomes a place to do business with God.  And although you certainly feel it’s true, in reality there’s no cave dark enough to shut out God.  Also, if God calls you into darkness to bring you into His presence, view it positively.  That darkness becomes the entry point to a deeper relationship with God.

In conclusion, Chuck Swindoll offers these words of advice.  He states: “When the sovereign God brings us to nothing, it is time to reroute our life, not to end it.”

Today’s question: Describe your current training ground for leadership in God’s kingdom.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Put on the shelf for a season”


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