Turning conviction into action

By Dave Henning / September 3, 2017

“It is certainly unnecessary to say that turning conviction into action requires great sacrifice. . . . Therefore the person who will ultimately soar like an eagle to the heights of the cloudless day and live in the sunshine of God must be content to live a relatively lonely life.”- L. B. Cowman, Streams in the Desert

As Os Hillman concludes Chapter 10 of The Joseph Calling, he states that no birds live in solitude like eagles.  And a life dedicated to God knows divine fellowship (emphasis author’s), even though human friendships may have to be forfeited along the way.

Therefore, God seeks “eagle people.”  Without learning to walk alone with God, no one ever comes to fully realize the best things of God in his/her spiritual life.  As a result, through the experience of isolation the Lord develops an independence of life and faith.  Through this development, the soul no longer needs to depend on the continual help, prayer, faith, and care of others.

While assistance and support from others provides necessary stability, at times those things actually hinder one’s faith and welfare.  So, when God takes you into a time of isolation, Os exhorts, embrace it.  Use isolation to receive revelation from God you’d never have received without this time in your life.

In conclusion, Os summarizes:

“Perhaps God has place you in your own desert period.  Perhaps you cannot make sense of the situation in which you find yourself.  If you press into God during this time, he will reveal the purpose he has for you.  The key is pressing into him.  Seek him with your whole heart and he will be found.”

Today’s question: How has God provided you a foundation for turning conviction into action?  Please share.

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