The Bible – a remarkable fountain

By Dave Henning / September 25, 2017

“For the Bible is a remarkable fountain: the more one draws and drinks of it, the more it stimulates thirst.”- Martin Luther

As Jared Wilson continues Chapter 4 of The Imperfect Disciple, he focuses on the first of two vital spiritual rhythms in discipleship.  That rhythm? – listening.  Specifically, Jared means reading, or more technically, studying the Bible.  In addition, Pastor Wilson refers to this rhythm as “feeling Scripture.”

However, Jared advises not to let the word feel throw you off.  The word feel doesn’t connote a particular emotional reaction or “a certain act of godly goose bumps.”  Hence, the author explains what “feeling Scripture” means in this context.  Pastor Wilson defines his term:

” . . . a deeper familiarity with the message of the Bible, a sense of its big story line and a comfort with the diversity of its storytellers.”

Jared continues:

“Feeling Scripture entails regular inhabitance in the Bible — Jesus likes the word abide — so that we have a practically instinctual sense of its threads and contours. . . . but over time the effort we put into this practice . . . begins to feel more natural and reflexive.”

In contrast, as we study the Bible, we must avoid treating it as an object of utility.  Rather, the Bible is life-giving and active.  Therefore, we shouldn’t ask ourselves how we might use the Bible.  The better question centers on how the Bible might use us.  Most importantly, Jared asserts, the word transformation defines the prime reason the Word of God exists.

Finally, to abide in Christ means we must dwell in God’s Word.  And it all begins with simple listening.  As Jared concludes, “once we acquire a taste, we can’t get enough of it.”

Today’s question: How is the Bible a remarkable fountain in your faith life?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Hearing is believing – not seeing”

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