Until God becomes our only hope

“It is true that sometimes God doesn’t become our only hope until God becomes our only hope.”- Jared C. Wilson

Jared Wilson concludes Chapter 9 of The Imperfect Disciple as he notes that grace goes all the way down to our deepest pain.  In fact, Pastor Wilson posits that we’ve all prayed “I just want this to be over” kind of prayers.  Put differently, Jared asks if we’ve ever been undone from how done we are with suffering.  Jared adds:

” . . . given the sovereignty of God over all things, we ought to acknowledge that the Bible doesn’t teach that grace goes down only until you get to the point where Saran takes over and starts doing his (emphasis Jared’s) work.  No, it’s grace all the way down, even into the deep, dark cellar of affliction.”

Therefore, the author observes, when you’re in the pit of suffering, Jesus doesn’t send heavenly “good thoughts” or “good vibes” your way.  In addition, Jesus doesn’t blast you with some ethereal virtues.  Pastor Wilson continues:

“No, when you  are laid low in the dark well of despair, when the whole world seems to be crashing down on you, when  your next breath seems sure to be your last, Christ Jesus is down in the void with you, holding you.  He keeps your hand between his own. . . .  offers his breast for your weary head.  He whispers words of comfort a whisker’s breadth from your ear.”

In conclusion, Jared reminds us that grace is all-sufficient for suffering.  And for pain and glory too.  Grace not only goes all the way down, but grace also goes all the way up.

Today’s question: What brings you to the point that God becomes your only hope?  Please share.

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