Constantly reaching for the next big thing

By Dave Henning / October 27, 2017

“When we have a life of constantly reaching for the next big thing, we miss the greatness God is calling us to right here, right now.  In the small, the ordinary, the hidden moments.  The white space.”- Sara Hagerty

As Sara Hagerty concludes Chapter 4 of Unseen, she reminds us “the chief end of every human being is to enjoy God and glorify Him forever.”  Therefore, that glory and enjoyment should occur even when no one’s looking.  Sara explains:

“We aren’t forfeiting our outward impact for private devotion to God.  We are submitting to the understanding that life in God isn’t about God’s needing us to do His work for Him or to do it under our own power.  It is instead about a glory we can’t always measure.”

Furthermore, Ms. Hagerty explains, greatness begins underground – in secret.  For your branches bear fruit in and out of season, you must sink your roots deep in the knowledge of God’s love.  Also, your growing root system reaches, creeps, and drinks deeply of a greatness the world can’t fathom or measure.

In conclusion, the author exhorts that God’s power comes when we have nothing left.  And Bible verses we’ve read countless times become real to us. Especially when we have a brush with Jesus on a hard day.  In addition, Jesus uses the weaknesses we resent to hide us.  As a result, we’ll hear God’s whisper when we lean, just a little more, into Him.

Today’s question: Have you spent periods of your life constantly reaching for the next big thing?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “An unhindered, unashamed reach for God”

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