Begin to see God within our story

By Dave Henning / October 31, 2017

“During the metamorphosis from child to adult, we either begin to see God within our story or we begin to work the room in search of another image to bear.  Often it’s a little of both.”- Sara Hagerty

“If you want true beauty, look into the face of Jesus.”- Charles Spurgeon

In Chapter 6 (“Invitation to Wonder: Training Our Eyes to See God’s Beauty”) of Unseen, Sara Hagerty notes our daily decisions to either look up at God or around at everyone else might seem insignificant.  However, that only holds true until our circumstances back us into a corner.  Then the image we choose to mimic reveals itself for what it reflects.  Thus, our image is lasting or temporal, truth or fiction.

Yet, God not only created beauty.  He embodies beauty itself.  What we behold, we become.  Hence, when we choose to behold God, His beauty swells within us.  As a result, we begin to see God within our story.

Often, though, we tend to take quick glances at everything – even God.  As Sara quips, “Life at warp speed allows for little beholding.”  In other words, she adds, it’s rare for speed and beauty to coexist.

In contrast, hidden seasons invite us to slow down.  And when we slow down, we notice the beauty too often blurred by our hurry.  Thus, missing the little things in life reveals that were missing beauty in its truest form: Jesus.  Ms. Hagerty explains:

“Whether or not we are in a hidden season, whether or not we are in a busy season, we have to pause long enough to look.  This look is not a passive look.  Looking at God’s beauty increases our desire for more of Him.  It can grow our desire to look again.  And again.”

Today’s question: What helps you to begin to “see God within our story?”  Please share.

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