On the receiving end of judgment or mistreatment

By Dave Henning / November 9, 2017

“When I’m on the receiving end of judgment or mistreatment, I get to carve a space in my prayer closet where only one voice matters.  When rough hands hurt what is tender within me, I get to scoot up next to the one whose hands formed me.”- Sara Hagerty

“And they criticized her sharply.”- Mark 14:5

In Chapter 9 (“Voices: Hearing God’s Truth about the Criticism and Clatter”) of Unseen, Sara Hagerty notes it’s harder to love others who mistreat us when an emotional hook exists.  Furthermore, when their harsh words play directly to our fears, or mistreatment lasts for years, we spin in anger and hurt.

Yet, Ms. Hagerty encourages, she finds one of the best places to seek God hidden beneath those pounding waves.  In addition, the author notes, in some ways the one who mistreats you gives you a gift.  That gift? – collapsing into the arms of God.  Plus, what happens in the secret place between God and you occurs out of your tormentor’s reach.  That makes the gift even sweeter.

Therefore, Sara explains, the real battle involves winning over new places of your heart to God’s gentle perspective on you.  A goal of defeating the one who mistreated you misses the point.  Sara writes:

” When we believe that a life poured out for God is our most beautiful expression, every accusation and misunderstanding carries within it an opportunity to step into that beauty, just in a way we might not have chosen.”

In conclusion, Ms. Hagerty, adds that those who oppose us when we need uplifting actually send us into hidden conversations with God.  In turn, those conversations change us.

Today’s question: How has God’s voice mattered when you’re on the receiving end of judgment or mistreatment?  Please share.

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