Lean into hiddenness with God

By Dave Henning / November 18, 2017

“The ones who lean into hiddenness begin to see that conversation with God has more to do with a growing connectedness to His heart and less to do with getting the answer we want.”- Sara Hagerty

Sara Hagerty concludes Chapter 12 of Unseen as she talks about what true growth in God requires.  Ms. Hagerty states:

“Yet true growth in God requires that our perspective of Him grow with us.  Progressively, prayer becomes less about relating to Him as we’re certain He must be and more about seeing His bigness in the light of how small and limited we are. . . . It’s in this growth that we gladly exchange familiarity with God for the unknown and its surprises.”

Wrinkles and gray hair reflect physical maturity.  And they occur without our own effort.  However, Sara underscores, our hearts won’t mature deep into God by default.  Therefore, we must desire more and more of God.

Hence, the author notes, prayer (conversation with God):

  • is how we sink our roots into what is real and everlasting
  • fights against the vaporlike quality of a life rooted solely in what others see
  • laces our hearts to the unseen, mysterious God
  • tethers us to the truest, never-changing reality – God’s

In conclusion, Sara voices her desire to prayer her way through God’s nature – not simply read about it in the Bible.  As a result, prayer positioned her to notice the wink of God:

“The wink of God.  It comes when we believe He is capable of reaching tenderly and knowingly into our story.  It comes when we believe He wants to intertwined His story with ours and tell our story back to us.  His way.”

Furthermore, God stays right there in the secret, hidden places with us.  It’s there where we grow, deep.

Today’s question: How do you lean into hiddenness with God?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “An understanding friend in God”

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