Get into God’s Word – so His Word gets into you

By Dave Henning / February 10, 2018

“One way or another, get into God’s Word so His Word gets into you.  Then the Holy Spirit can quicken it when and where and how He wants.”- Mark Batterson

“My soul cleaveth unto the dust; quicken thou me according to they word.”- Psalm 119:25 (KJV)

As Mark Batterson continues Chapter 5 of Whisper, he discusses a transitive property at play in God’s promises.  Just as God transferred a promise He originally made to Moses to Joshua, Mark asserts, God transfers His promises to us.  Pastor Batterson maintains:

” . . . remember what 2 Corinthians 1:20 says: ‘No matter how many promises God has made, they are ‘Yes’ in Christ.”  If you’re in Christ, all God’s promises belong to  you.  Each one has your name on it, and the Spirit will quicken different promises at different times.  It’s one of the ways God whispers.”

Of course, when Christ returns, the Spirit of God quickens our bodies.  But, Pastor Batterson reminds us, the Spirit also quickens in other ways.  Sometimes it’s:

  • a thought that fires across our synapses
  • a prompting to step up, step in , or step out in faith
  • speaking the right word at the right time
  • a verse of Scripture that jumps off the page and into our spirits

In addition, Mark likens the quickening of the Holy Spirit to a truth bomb implanted in your heart, mind, and spirit.  As a result, when you hide God’s Word in your heart, you never know when the Holy Spirit might ignite it.  And, Mark encourages, that’s a good thing!

Therefore, whatever method you choose, get into God’s Word. Hence, in the process, His Word gets into you.

Today’s question:  What’s your favorite way to get into Scripture?  Please share.

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