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By Dave Henning / February 28, 2018

“I’m a work in progress, and so are you.  But don’t let inexperience keep you from exercising your gifts.  Don’t let doubt keep you from exercising your faith.  And don’t let the fear of people keep you from speaking into their lives, as God leads.”- Mark Batterson

Today in Chapter 9 of Whisper, Mark Batterson shares some hard-earned advice about common misuse and abuse of the fifth love language – people.  While God speaks through people, they’re as imperfect as we are.  Therefore, Pastor Batterson offers a good rule of thumb: consider the source, the character, of the person speaking to you.

In addition, Mark believes that it’s an earned right to speak the truth in love.  It’s the by-product of relationship.  So, the stronger the relationship, the more weight that person’s words carry.  Also, make sure those words pass through the filter of Scripture.

Furthermore, Pastor Batterson observes, if you’re dealing with the Holy Spirit’s still small voice, moments occur when God gives you a word to speak into someone else’s life.  Mark asserts that “if you cultivate a prophetic voice, God will give you a prophetic voice.”  However, there’s a right time for the right word, or it might actually produce the wrong effect.

Pastor Batterson also reminds us that the Bible doesn’t depict prophets as oracles that predict the future.  In fact, Mark describes a prophetic word as:

  • more forthtelling than foretelling
  • strengthening, encouraging, and comforting
  • always redemptive, even when confrontational
  • delivered with a gentle spirit
  • edifying, not insulting
  • endowing hopefulness, not helplessness
  • bolding believing that the best is yet to come

Today’s question: Following your ministry downsizing or vocation loss, how would you describe yourselves as a work in progress?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Your Soulprint – the truest thing about you”

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