The inner room – birthing your root system

By Dave Henning / May 3, 2018

“It’s in the inner room where you encounter His love for you, where your love for Him is ignited, and where a root system of love for God is born.”- Banning Liebscher

Banning Liebscher continues Chapter 7 of Rooted as he underscores that finding God is paramount.  Because abiding with God represents the first call on our lives.  Most noteworthy, before Jesus ever sent out His disciples, Pastor Liebscher notes, He first called them to be with Him.  Furthermore, it’s only through encountering the presence of God that you find satisfaction and experience why He called you.

Thus, the real question doesn’t center on your passion at corporate worship.  Rather, you must ask whether or not your heart’s alive with love for Christ when you’re alone.  Therefore, Banning explains the value of the inner room:

“When you stop living from your secret place, the temptation to be motivated by other things besides love for Jesus creeps in.  Encountering His love for you in the secret place is what keeps your heart burnig for your first love and keeps in place the priority of His  presence.  Be intentional about making sure your foundation is a life lived in the secret place with Jesus.”

As a result, Pastor Liebscher exhorts, plant your life in the secret place with God.  It’s the most strategic thing you can do.  For God doesn’t simply call us to work for Him.  In addition, He calls us to love Him with everything within us.  So, establish your life in the inner room of prayer.  In the process, through the Holy Spirit’s power, allow the Lord to meet you in your secret place.  There He develops your roots in hiding.  And, Banning states, it’s essential to have a hidden history with the Lord that no one else witnesses.

The author concludes:

“God reserves certain things to be found only in the secret place alone with Him.  If you want to receive them, you have to separate yourself to the inner room of prayer.”

Today’s question: How do you encounter God in your inner room?  Please share.

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