The imperfect person God speaks through

By Dave Henning / May 18, 2018

“It’s amazing how many times we dismiss the voice of God because we don’t like the imperfect person He is speaking through. We have to be able to hear people, even when they’re not completely correct and may come with the wrong attitude.”- Banning Liebscher

Banning Liebscher continues Chapter 12 of Rooted as he notes that none of us knows how to communicate perfectly.  Since we’re all imperfect people, humility is an essential requirement of community.  In addition, we must possess the ability to listen well.

Yet, speaking personally, Pastor Liebscher admits a past bias.  That bias – God speaks only through people Banning deemed duly qualified for the task.  In other words, the ideal speaker needed to demonstrate perfect character, great attitudes, outstanding communication skills, and all the right information.

Therefore, when the Lord speaks through people we deem unqualified, we face two options:

  1. humble ourselves and hear His voice through other people
  2. dismiss everything because we dislike the messenger

Furthermore, Banning stresses, it’s critical to our growth to humbly receive feedback and correction.  For the moment we stop receiving feedback, we begin to stagnate and die. Also, Pastor Liebscher offers these words of caution:

“If your first reaction to feedback is defensive, dismissive, or diminishing, you need to stop for a second.  Resistance to feedback means there’s  a good chance you’re not aware of, much less checking, your blind spots.”

Because God didn’t create us with a 360-degree view of our lives, we all have blind spots.  And it’s not only God who reveals these areas we need to see.  Community also sees our blind spots.  Thus, when people tell us what they see, we need to humbly listen.

In conclusion, people you listen to on a regular basis should be trustworthy.  Not every person in your life gains that level of access entitling them to bring you correction or input.

Today’s question: What imperfect person has God used to speak to you?  Please share.

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