Bestowing his favor all around us

By Dave Henning / June 9, 2018

“The funny thing is God is constantly bestowing his favor all around us — changing minds and hearts all around us — and all we need is the ‘eyes to see’ and ‘ears to hear,’ as Jesus said, to notice what is happening around us.”- Brian Jones

Brian Jones concludes Chapter 7 of Finding Favor as he discusses the difference between praying and asking for God’s favor.  Hence, Pastor Jones thinks there’s one similarity and two differences between the concepts. On the similar side, both prayer and praying for favor can be single cause- effect events.  For example, in 2 Kings 13:4-5, King Jehoahaz sought God’s favor as he prayed for deliverance from the king of Aram.  In response, God raised up a deliverer.

Next, Brian presents two other instances of clear differences between praying and asking for God’s favor.

  1.  Favor often refers to seeking help without a specific answer in mind.  More often than not, the author observes, we seek God’s favor when we don’t know exactly what we need.  Thus, while Jacob wanted God to rescue him from Esau, in reality he needed much more than that.  Jacob needed reconciliation and healing.
  2. Favor often refers to a continual state of blessing.  Therefore, we end up favored when we seek and find God’s favor.  Pastor Jones explains: “We experience a continual state of receiving God’s blessings without needing to stop and think about what we need and ask for them.  They keep coming, whether we pray or not.”

In conclusion, Brian asserts his confidence in one thing.  No matter what you’re facing right now, when you’re blessed by God’s favor, He changes people’s minds.  Perhaps you’ll walk right into someone’s Daniel 1:9 moment!

Today’s question: What calls your attention to the fact that God’s constantly bestowing His favor all around you? Please share.

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