Attuning to your soul’s challenging aspects

By Dave Henning / August 26, 2018

“Attuning to the challenging, painful, sometimes dark aspects of your soul creates a connection with them that God can use to strengthen them from within. . . .  Guided by the Holy Spirit, you can weather the storms of life with hope.”- Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller

As Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller conclude Chapter 2 of Boundaries for Your Soul, they reveal how to know you’re leading from your Spirit-led self.  When you lead from your Spirit-led self, you experience any of the following qualities.  All begin with the letter c: calmness, clarity, curiosity, compassion, confidence, courage, creativity, and connectedness.  Another way involves manifesting any of the fruit of the Spirit.

Therefore, Spirit-led self-leadership consists of keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.  However, like a runaway bus, soul problems crop up when various parts of your soul wrestle for the wheel.  In fact, the authors invite you to view any emotional issue as “a cluster of entrenched parts that have taken over leadership of the soul.”

Consequently, change comes when you start to realize, I’m letting the kids (soul problems) drive the bus!  Yet, you don’t want to befriend Satan, the spiritual enemy of your soul.  Sometimes the devil influences you, while at other times you’re overwhelmed by a part of you that simply needs befriending.  As a result, you must not condone sin nor criticize yourself.  Thus, Alison and Kimberly explain what the path to freedom involves:

“The path to freedom involves clarifying sin before God.  Clarifying what is sin does not require shaming and condemning; you can do so in a way that is loving, kind, and leads to repentance and abundant life.”

Finally, with your Spirit-led self leading, troubling parts of your soul:

  • gain perspective
  • let go of their extreme beliefs
  • take on helpful roles

Today’s question: What Bible verses, Christian hymn/ books/ songs help you in attuning your soul’s challenging aspects?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Your soul protectors – mangers and firefighters”

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