God’s gifts sparing us from self-inflicted sadness

By Dave Henning / October 26, 2018

“I now believe the signs (of the seven greatest challenges) we explore in this book exist for all of us, whatever stage of the journey we might be on.  These warning signs, if recognized and heeded, are gifts from God to spare us from the self-inflicted sadness and heartbreak that mark too many lives these days.”- Carey Nieuwhof

In his Introduction (“Surprise”) to Didn’t See It Coming: Overcoming the 7 Greatest Challenges That No One Expects and Everyone Experiences, Pastor Carey Nieuwhof notes that few of us see those 7 challenges coming.  Thus, no one entering adulthood sets out to end up feeling empty, cynical, irrelevant, or morally compromised.  Also, people don’t want the weight of pride to collapse their personal relationships.  Nor do they desire the lack of emotional intelligence.

Yet, Pastor Nieuwhof observes, each of these challenges happens to people we know on a daily basis. And most people remain completely unaware of what they’re facing.  So, when implosions come, they come as a surprise.

Therefore, most people get into these unintended places because they miss the warning signs.  But, even though they failed to see it coming, Carey states that there’s good news.  You can see it coming.  As a result, the author writes, these warning signs represent gifts from God – if you recognize and heed them.

However, when you find yourself facing one of the seven challenges described in Didn’t See It Coming, here’s what often happens.  You stop believing.  Hence, you lose assurance that friends exist who know the kind of person you are, yet still decide to stay.  Most noteworthy, you have a God who hasn’t given up on you.

In conclusion, Carey states that none of the 7 greatest challenges need to be your final story.  For you can:

  • see them coming
  • identify them when they arrive
  • erase some of their allure when you name them when you see them

Today’s question: What God-gifted warning signs spared you from self-inflicted sadness and heartbreak?  Please share.

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