God blesses with His intervening grace

By Dave Henning / December 29, 2018

“In your most confused and emotional moments, you are far from alone because God blesses you with his intervening grace. . . .  at that very moment you’re groaning, the Spirit is representing you and your needs to the Father.”- Paul David Tripp

Paul David Tripp continues Chapter 9 of Suffering as he discusses intervening grace and unstoppable grace.

2.  Intervening grace.  During the pain of suffering, at times we’re so confused that we have no idea what in the world to pray for.  Also, we’re so emotionally distraught that the words won’t come.  But in your pain, Pastor Tripp notes, God doesn’t require that you pray “biblically literate, theologically rich prayers.”

Instead, when prayer is hard, the Holy Spirit offers you help.  When you have no idea what to cry, the Holy Spirit carries your cries to the Father.  He turns your groanings into words.  Pastor Tripp adds:

“When no one hears and understands your cries, in those moments when it feels useless to cry, God listens, hears, and answers. . . .  He answers not because of what’s in you, but because of the grace that’s in him.”

3.  Unstoppable grace.  In Romans 8:28-30, Pastor Tripp observes, the words burst with comfort.  However, the author cautions, many people misunderstand Romans 8:28.  As a result, they develop unrealistic expectations.  And when those expectations are dashed, grief and doubt of heart result.  Because, the author asserts, in Romans 8:28 God doesn’t promise that all suffering has an end in this lifetime or that it’ll end with some good result.

Rather, God’s talking about His relationship to you.  In addition, the good God delivers = your redemption.  This represents the final completion of everything God, through His grace, has promised to do in you.  Nothing can stop His plan.

In conclusion, Pastor Tripp offers these words of comfort:

“No good physical, relational, or circumstantial situation in this present life can be compared with the eternal good that God is doing for us and in us by his rescuing, forgiving, transforming, and delivering grace.”

Today’s question: How has God blessed you with His intervening and unstoppable grace?  Please share.

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