Using God’s truth as your fighting words

By Dave Henning / March 28, 2019

“Using God’s truth as your fighting words will not change what you see, but it absolutely will change how you will see.”- Lysa TerKeurst

“Fight the lies with the truth,/ Keeping eyes fixed on you/ I will sing the truth into the dark/ I will use my fighting words.”- Ellie Holcomb

Lysa TerKeurst continues Chapter 10 of It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way as she exhorts us to declare any had time a holy, close-to-God time.  Hence, the disappointments we all experience must be viewed as divine appointments to see God do a new thing.  God’s pouring us out of old wine jars keeping us in stale thinking.  And He’s pouring us into new jars where Christ’s perspective transforms our minds.  For if we fail to understand God correctly, we’ll certainly develop a wrong understanding of our circumstances.

Furthermore, Ms. TerKeurst observes, we depress Satan’s lies when we express God’s truth.  As a result, Lysa identifies six parts of us most vulnerable to control by Satan’s lies.  Satan tries to gain a foothold over affection adoration, attention, attraction, ambition, and action.  In today’s blog, the author covers affection and adoration.

1.  Affection – my heart, what I love.  Because God loves you, rest assured that He’ll answer when you call on Him.  In addition, direct your whole heart and affections to align with and live out the truths of God’s Word.  For God is Lord over all.  That includes your pain and the unknowns.  Truth, not your feelings, absolutely has the final say.

2.  Adoration – my mouth, what I worship.  Rather than align your words and thoughts with Satan, surrender them over to Jesus, who can redeem them.  He’s the true center of your adoration.  Since Jesus knows every detail of your situation, lift your raw emotions and honest struggles to Him.

As you worship the Lord, your love for Him elevates above any affection you have for the idols in your life.

Today’s question: How do you use God’s truth as your fighting words?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “I will steer where I stare”

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