Scripture in a single word: kaleidoscopic

By Dave Henning / April 13, 2019

“If I were to describe Scripture in a single word, it would be kaleidoscopic.  You can read the same verse on different occasions and it will speak to you in totally different ways. . . .  [The Holy Spirit’s] illumination of Scripture is based on His intimate knowledge of your personality, your circumstances, your dreams, your doubts, your history, and your destiny.   That is why Scripture speaks to us in such kaleidoscopic ways.”- Mark Batterson

In Chapter 5 (“Seventy Faces”) of Primal, Mark Batterson notes that rabbinic tradition states that sacred Scripture has seventy faces and six hundred thousand meanings.  That’s why Pastor Batterson uses the word kaleidoscopic to describe Scripture.  Furthermore, this reminds Mark of an adage attributed to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus: “You never step into the same river twice.”

Furthermore, Pastor Batterson compares opening the sacred Scriptures to descending that flight of stairs at the Church of San Clemente to walk into the catacombs of truth.  For the Bible is the place where God bares His soul.  Indeed, only Scripture truly speaks to the soul.  Yet, Mark asserts, it takes more than reading the Bible to rediscover the wonder of Scripture:

“That’s where the quest begins, but that’s not where it ends.  Not if you want to get it into your soul.  You have to meditate on it.  Then you have to live it out.  Meditating on it turns one-dimensional knowledge into two-dimensional understanding.  Living it out turns two-dimensional understanding into three-dimensional obedience.”

Finally, Pastor Batterson states, the Holy Spirit broadcasts continuously.  However, we must tune into His frequency.  For example, the Holy Spirit speaks through creation, sanctified desires, divine appointments, open doors, and Spirit-prompted friends.  But Scripture remains the primary channel of communication.  We tune into God’s voice through Scripture.

Today’s question: Have you experienced what Mark describes at the kaleidoscopic nature of Scripture?  Please share.

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