Just plunge into the darkness

By Dave Henning / May 9, 2019

“Instead of running west, just plunge into the darkness.  That’s counterintuitive.  If you even think about it, all your instincts rebel.  We avoid desperation, simply hoping the situation clears itself up, waiting for the darkness to lighten.  But what if the desperation is a grace disguised?  What if fighting your way through the darkness is the path to blessing?”- Kyle Idleman

Kyle Idleman concludes Chapter 2 of Don’t Give Up as he exhorts that choosing to embrace your desperation may well be the quickest way through it.  Consequently, Pastor Idleman urges you to plunge into the darkness and fight your way through it.

Most noteworthy, Kyle affirms,  God doesn’t want to leave you like you were before your ministry downsizing or career loss.  Rather, He desires to bless you as well as open a whole new world of meaning and opportunity.  Yet, like Jacob, you may walk with a limp.  But, that ‘limp’ reminds you of God’s blessing.  And even though you wouldn’t ever want to go through that adversity again, you thank God that you did.

In conclusion, Pastor Idleman explains the blessings of the deep down dark.  A place our instincts drive us to get out of as quickly as possible.  Kyle writes:

“But when you feel most like giving up, you are best positioned to experience God’s presence.  It’s a strange thing that God can often be seen most clearly in the darkness of life.  The quiet allows you to hear him speak.  The isolation allows you to connect with him.  You’ll never encounter a better time to discover what he’s all about.”

Therefore, Kyle notes, maybe it’s time to fight instead of run.  For you’ll find a gift when you grab hold of God and refuse to let go.  God gives you Himself!

Today’s post: What prevents you from taking that plunge into the darkness?  Please share.

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