Guilt and shame – sin’s side effects

By Dave Henning / May 27, 2019

“Sin is known for its many side effects, but two are prominent: guilt and shame.  Guilt reminds us what we’ve done; shame tried to convince us what we’ve done is who we are. . . .  Guilt keeps you from moving, but shame tells you this is your destiny.  What you did last week is the story of your life; the book is written.”- Kyle Idleman

As Kyle Idleman continues Chapter 7 of Don’t Give Up, he observes that guilt creates a complete link between your failure and your identity.  In addition, sooner or later, shame always rises to the surface.

Consequently, something often happens to us after we climb into bed and turn out the lights.  We think about all the should’ve dones.  In our minds we begins to replay the highlights or more accurately lowlights, of our day.  Most noteworthy, Pastor Idleman explains the results of slogging through mental quicksand:

“It’s mental quicksand.  We put in a toe, then a foot, and pretty soon emotions begin to suck us under.  The embarrassment, then the guilt and the shame.  We reach for a vine, like Tarzan does in the movies — anything to keep us from going down.  But it pulls relentlessly . . . . and when we wake up the next day, we’re not refreshed, just mentally and physically exhausted, and even more sure that this is all we’ll ever be: the sum total of a failed past.”

In conclusion, Kyle notes, sin first separated us from God.  Next, sin blames God for the separation.  Furthermore, sin build the wall that cuts us off from God and hen blames God for the wall it (sin) created!

Today’s question: How have sin’s side effects of guilt and shame played out in your life?  Please share.

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