The exact right choice or the life choice?

By Dave Henning / June 30, 2019

“Instead of asking which would be the exact right choice, consider the life choice.  Jesus says he is the way, the truth, and the life.  When we walk with Jesus and consider his presence with us, then we can trust he will lead us toward life, so that even in the things that feel draining we can trust him as our life.”- Emily P. Freeman

Emily P. Freeman concludes Chapter 9 of The Next Right Thing as she observes that we live in an outcome-based society.  Consequently, the success of the result determines the correctness of our choice.  Although that formula may work in some situations, Emily questions whether that’s really how we want to live our lives.

Yes, successful outcomes may look great on paper.  However, we want to base our lives on principles such as love, faith, connectedness, redemption, joy, and peace.  Therefore, you start to wake up from the autopilot method of doing life.  Hence, even though your Life Energy List involves data-collecting, make it a process of becoming curious.  Emily explains:

“This is all done in curiosity and with a listening posture.  We make our list alongside Jesus and bring these things to him, asking him in every situation what he wants us to do.  And then we trust that our desire can be trusted because he isn’t just with us, he lives within us and he’ll let us know what we need to know.  We can get honest about how certain things bring us life and how other things don’t.  And then we listen.”

In conclusion, Emily notes that God’s leading might change, even though His character never changers.  Regardless of its life-giving possibility, what God had you say no to last month could turn into a yes this month.  After all, we have a relationship with God.  It’s not quantified on a data spread sheet.

Today’s question: What Scriptures lead you to abstain from the exact right choice and consider the life choice?  Please share.

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