God’s ideas – not always obvious

By Dave Henning / July 4, 2019

“God’s ideas are not always obvious, and are always more clever than we can imagine.  Even though the circumstances may be the same as many times before, God may have a different and better idea.  So we are wise to ask for guidance each time.”- Jan Johnson, When the Soul Listens

In Chapter 13 (“Don’t Rush Clarity”) of The Next Right Thing, Emily P. Freeman observes that doubt is the most logical conclusion when our next steps are unclear.  However, the author stresses, when doubts show up, you don’t have to allow them to sit down.  If doubts know they’re not welcome, they won’t linger.

Most noteworthy, Emily points out, we often look for fireworks or confirmation from somewhere other than us to signal that God’s speaking to us.  Consequently, we find it impossible that God’s direction could come from within us.  Yet, God makes our heart His home.  And that’s often the place from which He makes His voice heard.

Therefore, Emily suggests tow things to release so that you can take the next right step.

1.  Let go of your timeline.  You cannot rush clarity.  Thus, let go, if necessary, of your expectation that clarity will occur in a certain way or at a specific time.  In addition, ask yourself:

  • Is the vision strong enough to carry your soul through the foggy right now?
  • If it’s not, are you willing to listen to the still, small voice and believe it’s telling the truth?

2.  Let go of your expectation of certainty.  Author Marie Forteo notes that since clarity cannot be rushed, we also need patience.   Furthermore, Ms. Forteo paradoxically states: “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.  When you take action, you’ll access your natural knowing.”

Hence, we must act.  As you listen to your life and the Holy Spirit’s heartbeat, Emily exhorts, your vision grows as you do the work.  And even though you can’t yet see it, you’ll begin to see it.  Yes, building a life is slow work.  But the future always comes.

Today’s question: How have you found that God’s ideas are always more clever than you can imagine?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Your call  — an ever-clearer vision”

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