Pick what you like – see how it grows

By Dave Henning / July 13, 2019

“Pick what you like, then see how it grows.  If that little plant dies in a week, well, then you’ve learned something.  But another outcome is also possible.  What if it blooms?”- Emily P. Freeman (emphasis author’s)

In Chapter 20 (“Pick What You Like”) of The Next Right Thing, Emily P. Freeman observes that it’s one thing to feel overwhelmed in a situation of great importance.  But it feels dumb, even annoying and ridiculous, to feel discouraged about something as small as picking out plants.

Yet, the author notes, for some reason, for some people, the fun and delightful parts of lie suddenly take a turn.  Instead, those enjoyable times of life evoke feelings of discouragement and shame.  Thus, what we want to give us life turn out to drain life from us.

So, Emily suggests, one way to start over or take a next right step involves acknowledging the fear.  Because, unless we acknowledge something, we can’t move through it.  Furthermore, the author points out, these smaller things really serve as arrows that point to bigger things.  For example, Emily’s shame in her inability to choose plants in the garden center indicated shame in other areas of her life.  Areas that truly matter and have consequence.  The author continues:

“If you feel besieged by the small, inconsequential decisions of daily life, take a moment to acknowledge this feeling of smallness.  Admit that this decision shouldn’t be a big deal but for some reason it is.  For now, this is what we know.  Fear, we see you.  We acknowledge you.  But you don’t get the final say.  Once you’ve named the feeling, accept that you are allowed to be here.”

So, Emily reiterates, “pick what you like, then see how it grows.”

Today’s question: What Scriptures encourage you to pick what you like?  Please share.

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