Supernatural provision in the context of community

By Dave Henning / August 10, 2019

“Supernatural provision took place in the context of community as the bread and fish were passed from hand to hand.  The bread didn’t multiply while sitting in the baskets; it multiplied as it was shared. . . .  The satisfaction of so many with bread that materialized as if it had rained down from heaven was not just a miracle; it was a sign — it signified the presence of the Lord among his people.”- Tina Boesch

Jesus said to them. “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.”- John 6:35 (ESV)

As Tina Boesch continues Chapter 7 of Given, she notes that the day after the miraculous feast, the crowd came looking for Jesus.  Consequently, He perceived that a material craving drove the people to return.  However, Jesus challenged them on a deeper level  – to see Him as the ultimate blessing.  The bread that multiplies through sharing in community.

Also, the Old Testament associated eating with the blessing given the Children of Israel to live in the Promised Land.  Furthermore, the Old Testament connected eating with being in God’s presence and, ultimately, the hope of eternal life in God’s Kingdom.  Hence, Tina offers this summation:

“A feast to the faithful.  Eating mingled with worship.  Abundance in place of scarcity.  Beard appearing miraculously  like manna falling from heaven in the desert.  The poor eating until they were satisfied.  These were all indications of God’s blessing, and they testified to God’s presence among his people. . . .  multiplication was the original sign of God’s blessing – be fruitful and multiply – and that same blessing of abundance is repeated her in Jesus’ ministry in an unmistakable way.  If God blessed through his creative word in Genesis, we should fully expect to see blessing as an integral part of Jesus’ ministry.”

Today’s question: How have you witnessed Jesus’ supernatural provision?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Context of a commission – the blessing of peace”

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