Like the oxygen surrounding us

By Dave Henning / August 22, 2019

“God’s blessing is like the oxygen surrounding us — the essential thing we need each moment of each day to keep our souls pumping. . . .  God’s blessing is something to bathe in, not something to possess, to display.  God’s blessing is a cosmos, a calling, a cross, a reason for being, a way of relating.”- Tina Boesch

Tina Boesch concludes Chapter 10 of Given as she admits she can identify with Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, and the disciples.  Because each of them carried God’s blessing into the world despite their specific weaknesses and sinful impulses.  Most noteworthy, their need highlights a beautiful truth.  That even when blessing moves through us, it originates with God.  For God receives the glory when His goodness and power overcome our weaknesses for the sake of others.

However, the practice of blessing, Tina counsels, begins at home.  And when you cultivate a lifestyle of blessing, that creates ripple effects beyond the walls of your home.  In addition, this internal orientation of self – nurtured in your devotional and private life – is the one you carry in public arenas.

Hence, the author describes the unique Christian view of blessing:

” . . . a distinctly Christian view of blessing acknowledges that God alone is the source of good, that his presence among us is ultimate blessing, and that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross freed us from the curse to find peace with god so that we can live in — and as — blessing.”

Finally, Tina exhorts us to inhale, exhale, breathe in, breathe out God’s blessing.  Therefore, we cannot simply breathe blessing in and then hold our breath.  We must inhale, exhale, release God’s blessing.  Use a slow, steady rhythm as you draw the blessing in and then let go.

So, find your dwelling place in God’s presence.  And realize, the author encourages, that in this life God calls you to become.

Today’s question:  How do you sense God’s blessing like the oxygen surrounding us?  Please share.

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