Faultfinding – no solution to ongoing failures

By Dave Henning / October 25, 2019

” . . . blaming or faultfinding will never solve our present problems and ongoing failures.  At some point we have to say, ‘What that person did was hurtful.  But I will not let that person steal one more minute of my life.’  As hard as that may be, we must own whatever life we have, and refuse to let what someone else did to us determine our future.”- Bob Merritt

Bob Merritt concludes Chapter 5 of Done With That as he stresses that we begin to own our own life as we identify and attack our signature sins.  Therefore, Pastor Merritt urges you to take a minute to consider your strengths.  Next, determine if you struggle with a corresponding sin or vulnerability.  To jump-start your thinking, the author offers these examples:

  • Factual and measured?  Often stoic and unfeeling.
  • Empathetic?  May favor feelings over facts.
  • Favors the underdog?  May chafe at strong leadership.
  • Intelligent?  Can show arrogance and impatience with others.

In addition, we need a certain level of discernment to discover our unique strengths and weaknesses.  However, if we can figure them out, we’ll experience an aha moment.  Also, that moment can push us out of the old life and into the new.

Above all, lasting change occurs from the inside out – through a relationship with Christ.  Furthermore, this process requires humility and a daily invitation to the Holy Spirit to keep working on us.

Finally, in his book The Road to Character, David Brooke wrote:

“Only God has the power to order your inner world, not you.  Only God has the power to orient your desires and reshape your emotions, not you.  Your willpower is not strong enough to police your desires.  If you really did have that kind of power, then New Year’s resolutions would work.  Diets would work.  The bookstores wouldn’t be full of self-help books. . . .  The existence of more and more self-help books is proof that they rarely work.”

Today’s question: What causes you to engage in faultfinding rather that own your own life?  Please share.

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