Overestimate achievement in the short run

By Dave Henning / November 15, 2019

“You’ll likely overestimate what you can do in the short run but underestimate what you can do in the long run.”- Pastor Craig Groeschel

In his Introduction (“The Myth of Overnight Success”) to his latest book – Dream Big, Think Small – Jeff Manion urges us to live an extraordinary life on day at a time.  Because, without exception, Pastor Manion stresses, what we perceive as sudden breakthroughs have been bracketed by years of faithfully plugging away.

However, the author observes, our human nature loves to celebrate the astounding breakthrough.  As a result, we fail to acknowledge the repetitive, tedious work that led to the breakthrough.  Therefore, Pastor Manion explains why there’s no substitute for persistent faithfulness over an extended time period.  He writes:

“It is common to grow weary, bored, or even disillusioned as we pour ourselves into the people around us.  But when big dreams are finally realized, it is through the steady devotion of bringing ourselves again and again, day after day, year after year to the little stuff.  Success in the large things requires deep, abiding commitment to the small things.”

In conclusion, Pastor Manion exhorts, your work and life matter.  Furthermore, he prays that our gracious Lord delivers you from any quest for a quick fix.  Hence, you’ll grow to taste the joy and freedom acquired from a lifetime of faithfulness.  Pastor Manion adds:

“Big dreams must be anchored in small, live-giving habits.  This is why I challenge you to dream big, but to think small.”

Special note: Pastor Manion divides this book into six weekly sections.  And, within each section, he structures five days (aka chapters).  Consequently, the author encourages the reader to chew on one chapter a day, five days a week, for six weeks.

Today’s question: Do you believe you tend to overestimate what you can achieve in the short run?  Please share.

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