Hall of Fame candidates for greatness?

By Dave Henning / December 12, 2019

“Originally, Moses was an unlikely prospect for the Leadership Hall of Fame.  The good news is that God doesn’t search through the Hall of Fame to find candidates for greatness.  God often starts with losers.  Washouts.  Those with broken lives and downtrodden spirits.”- Charles Swindoll

“There (Mt. Sinai) the angel of the LORD appeared to [Moses] in a blazing fire from the middle of the bush.  Though the bush was engulfed in flames, it didn’t burn up.  ‘This is amazing,’ Moses said to himself.  ‘Why isn’t this bush burning up?  I must go see it.’ “- Exodus 3:2-3 (NLT)

As Charles Swindoll continues Chapter 1 of What If . . . God Has Other Plans? he points out three common mistakes people make when they attempt to take life into their own hands.

1.  We run before we’re sent.  This happens when the intensity of our vision propels us into premature action on our own agenda.  Just like Moses, we run ahead before God sends us.  And the result, in Moses’ case?  An impulsive act (killing an Egyptian) leading to colossal disaster.

2.  We retreat after we’ve failed.  As a result of blowing it, we tend to retreat and lick our wounds.  Because we’ve made a mess of the situation, our insecurity bursts into full bloom.  Consequently, we convince ourselves that God won’t ever use us again.

 3.  We resist when we’re called.  Through the burning bush, God stepped in and surprised Moses.  Yet, God, in His grace, chooses to use us – even after failure.  Furthermore, feelings of inferiority block our ability to hear God’s voice.  So, we resist because we feel unprepared or wholly inadequate.

In conclusion, Pastor Swindoll exhorts:

“In that unexpected moment, God stepped in.  That’s how it works.  God doesn’t make preannouncements.  He doesn’t shout at us from some divine pinnacle.  He uses ‘one day’ moments to say, in effect, ‘Hey!  Are you there?  Are you listening?’  That’s His way.”

Today’s question: What Hall of Fame non-candidates greatly impact your life?  Please share.

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