Your point of greatest giftedness

By Dave Henning / January 8, 2020

God wants to use you at your greatest point of giftedness, no doubt.  He’s the one who gave you those gifts in the first place!  But God also wants to use you at your point of weakness.  Why?  Because it’s in our weaknesses that His power is made perfect.  He doesn’t just anoint our strong points.  He anoints our weaknesses too!”- Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson concludes Chapter 2 of Double Blessing as he stresses that the blessing of God enables you to perform to the best of your God-given ability.  And beyond!  In addition, God wants to do this in a way that (a) sanctifies you and (b) glorifies Him.  Above all, God accomplishes that as He gives you things to do that you find humanly impossible.  That’s so God gets the credit when you do those things.

As a result, Pastor Batterson explains:

“No matter what you do, God wants to help you do it in a way that makes people praise God.  We all have bad days, and no one bats a thousand at the plate.  But the attitude with which we approach our work should shift the atmosphere!  And excellence honors God. . . .  the work of our hands should somehow bear God’s blessing, whether that’s a little extra love or a little extra excellence. . . .  Excellence invokes a blessing, and blessing evokes excellence.”

Therefore, Mark states personally, he needs the help of the Holy Spirit when he writes.  So, to acknowledge that he’s on holy ground, Mark takes off his shoes when he writes.  Furthermore, he asks you to think of a unique way to signal that you’re following God’s calling.  That you serve on holy ground.

Finally, Pastor Batterson talks about multiplication anointing.   This anointing inspired the DC Dream Center of National Community Church.  A similar center, purchased for pennies on the dollar, already existed in Los Angeles.  Both centers, although run by different churches, multiply God’s return on His investment.  For God has a bigger and better plan for your life than you do!

Today’s question: What do you consider you point of greatest giftedness?  Please share.

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