Helicopter parent – not God’s style

By Dave Henning / January 23, 2020

“God is not a helicopter parent.  Just like Joseph, Esther, David, and Daniel, we will experience personal setbacks and seasons of suffering.  The good news?  It will be for our good and God’s glory.”- Mark Batterson

In Chapter 7 (“Blessings in Disguise”) of Double Blessing, Mark Batterson notes that Abraham Lincoln once described himself as the most miserable man on earth.  Furthermore, Lincoln predicted in his self-prognosis that any change for the better seemed dim.  And, Mark adds, “it’s past challenges that uniquely prepare us for future opportunities.”

Certainly, the author notes, God uses many different ways to grow us spiritually.  But, Pastor Batterson observes, the most effective way may consist of allowing us to stand firm through situations that demand the character we need to nurture and grow.  While God could deliver us from tough situations, He also loves us too much to short-circuit our sanctification.

So, although God doesn’t always deliver us from our difficulties, He most assuredly delivers us through them.  Therefore, Mark encourages, we experience God’s all-sufficient grace in myriad ways.  For example, God manifests his grace through thoughtful friends and wise mentors.  And sometimes we feel God’s closeness through a forest or mountain hike.  Above all, we relate to a God who promises to never leave us or forsake us.

In conclusion, Mark offers these word of encouragement:

“There are seasons in life when we’re tempted to call it quits on . . . a dream or even a relationship with God.  Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is just hang in there a little longer.  A new day is going to dawn, and with it, the mercies of God.  In my experience, internal struggles and external opposition are often indicators that you’re on the brink of a breakthrough.  Maybe, just maybe, God is breaking ground for a bigger blessing!”

Today’s question: Would you be more secure with God as a helicopter parent?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “A dream detoured or delayed”

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