Learning our new names – trusting God’s voice

By Dave Henning / March 24, 2020

“Learning our new names isn’t always about receiving a divine word through some mystical experience; rather it more often than not is about learning to trust the voice of God that has been speaking over our lives all along. . . .  We will be called many names here on earth, but it’s important to reflect on whose voice we are listening to.  Have you taken time to listen to what God says about you?”- Esther Fleece Allen

As Esther Fleece Allen continues Chapter 1 of Your New Name, she observes that, in many areas of our lives, we release the old way of doing things.  Consequently, we embrace a new way.  Furthermore, we understand what the apostle Paul writes about God making each one of us a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17).  But, Esther stresses, we rarely pay attention to our new name.

Most significantly, the word translated ‘new’ in the New Testament is the Greek word kainos, meaning ‘new and fresh.’  In addition, the HELPS Word-studies translates kainos as “fresh in development or opportunity.’  Thus, Esther comments on the value of knowing our new name:

“When we know our new name, we are remade as we live into the power of that name, and we’re no longer identified by the circumstances we’ve come from.  We are made new as we’re reidentified by our relationship to God, and along with that comes a new name.  While a label can group us with other people, an individual name sets us apart.”

Above all, God refuses to settle for labels that limit, even though we incorrectly take on such labels.  Therefore, Esther exhorts, for every label others place on you that limit you, God speaks your true name.  Finally, Esther notes five ways to receive and live out of our new name:

  1. receive a completely new name, like Jacob renamed as Israel
  2. God bestows a new name that empowers us to live out God’s plan for our life
  3. renamed according to who God’s calling us to become
  4. God gives us names unique to our personal circumstances
  5. God assigns new names to replace the labels we once wore

Today’s question: How do we learn to trust God’s voice in learning our new names?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Losing sight of our new name”

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