The perfect Father – our heavenly Father

By Dave Henning / April 1, 2020

“Pastor Louie Giglio says that the heavenly Father is not a perfected version of our earthly parents.  He is the perfect Father.  In other words, God is not a better version of your good parent or your not-so-good parent.  God is perfectly good, perfectly whole, and perfectly loving, and when we become His children, we receive a perfect Father.”- Esther Fleece Allen

“Now you are no longer a slave but God’s own child.  And since you are his child, God has made you his heir.”- Galatians 4:7 (NLT)

In Chapter 3 (“Discovering Your New Names”) of Your New Name, Esther Fleece Allen takes six looks at who God says we are.  These looks provide the first step in getting to know our new names.  Hence, today Esther talks about the first look.

1.  You are named ‘Son’ or ‘Daughter’.  It always bothers Esther when people proclaim that blood is thicker than water.  Because the opposite rings true with Christ.  As Colossians 2:12 tells us, in baptism we’re raised to new life.  Consequently, the water of the Holy Spirit proves thicker than blood.

Thus, even more than a physical son or daughter, knowing this provides comfort even when your physical name changes or loses meaning here on earth.

Certainly, times occur when you find it tempting to label yourself as undeserving, damaged, or insecure.  Yet, there comes a point where you need to believe that you’re God’s son or daughter.  That God loves you and provides for you.

However, Esther points out, the enemy loves to hiss to our hearts that we live as slaves.  So, Esther asks, do you live like a slave or live a child of God?  Furthermore, do you experience joy knowing that you’re God’s son or daughter?

Today’s question: What Bible verses help  you see our heavenly Father as the perfect Father?  Please share.

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