Entry points for God – our limitations

By Dave Henning / April 28, 2020

“Our limitations are not weaknesses that leave us unworthy to be loved; they are entry points for God to do His work.  God is an ever-present help in time of need (Psalm 46:1), and when we know His names, we get a better glimpse of who we are and how we are provided for. . . .  How much more should we be focusing on His eternal name than on our temporal circumstances!”- Esther Fleece Allen

As Esther Fleece Allen moves on in Chapter 11 of Your New Name, she reminds us that it’s crucial to live with awareness that God’s in every situation we face.  Therefore, it’s prudent to invite the name of God into every part of our day – whether good or bad.  In addition, we trust in His name to carry us to victory.

However, in the midst of life’s busyness, we sometimes forget to take a daily time to focus on God’s names.  Yet, when we do focus on God’s names, we attain clarity in regard to our identity.  As a result, we’re able to fight for freedom and forgiveness.  Furthermore, we can use what life throws against us to learn the names of God.

Set securely on high (Psalm 20:1, NASB), we find freedom to focus on the names of God.  Esther exhorts:

“When we live confidently out of our new names, we are free to see the good in others, even those who have significantly wounded us, and cut them some slack.  This is when the Christian life becomes paradigm-shifting and hard to live out on our own strength.  But a renewed mind is exactly what a new identity produces.  God changes us, and we cannot help but shift the way we think, speak, and see.”

Finally, Esther cautions, living in a constant state of judging only serves as a sure sign that we’ve opted to fixate on labeling others.  Instead of knowing our true name.  Also, it’s an unhealthy way to shift attention away from our own issues and needs.  In God’s kingdom, though, He removes labels from people.  As His children, He calls us to help facilitate that.

Today’s question: How do you see our limitations as entry points for God?  Please share.

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