A higher and deeper calling from God

By Dave Henning / May 15, 2020

“But what happens when God calls you higher and deeper out of his great love for you?  God saw Moses.  He knew the ugliness in Moses’s story, yet he still called Moses to follow him.  Moses needed God’s might power to enable him for the task at hand.  We do too.  This calling is a form of manna; it’s an opportunity to find a richer life instead of settling for less.”- Meredith McDaniel

“But Moses said, ‘Pardon your servant , Lord.  Please send someone else.’  Then the LORD’s anger burned against Moses and he said, ‘What about your brother, Aaron the Levite?  I know he can speak well.  He is already  on his way to meet you, and he will be glad to see you.”- Exodus 4:13-14 (NIV)

Meredith McDaniel concludes Chapter 5 of In Want + Plenty with the second lesson learned from her backyard chickens.

2.  Those chickens depended on me daily, knowing that I was the supplier of all they needed.  When Meredith peered around the corner of the chicken coop, she encountered stressed out and disoriented hens.  Because the hens couldn’t find food.  And, just as the hens needed Meredith, we need our Maker.  For He meets us in our need and sustains us beyond our strength. In the end, Moses and Aaron rose to the occasion.  They confronted Pharaoh.

Certainly, the author acknowledges, it’s not always easy to surrender our plans.  Yet, it’s incredible to see what unfolds when we place things in God’s hands.  God uses the stories we tell of our deliverance and freedom to point to His mighty power.

Finally, in order to come out of hiding and be seen, we need God’s compassion and unrelenting love.  That provides us with courage.  But, like Moses, we often lack confidence and focus on our flaws in an attempt to avoid God’s calling.  So, Meredith concludes as she describes what kept Moses focused on his deeper calling:

“What kept Moses humble was remembering who made him, who called him, and who provided manna every step of the journey.  In the same way God equipped Moses, he gives us all we need through his mighty power and his ability to see father down the road ahead than we can.”

Today’s question: Please share your higher and deeper calling from God.

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