Magic wand – wave it to fix everything?

By Dave Henning / May 27, 2020

“The reality is that you and I cannot wave a magic wand and fix all the things we want to.  Some things are just too broken and seem beyond repair.  We cannot do it in our own strength, but we do know One who can bring calm into the chaos.  The circumstances may not change, but our mind-set can.”- Meredith McDaniel

“What gives moments meaning is not the moments themselves but the presence of Christ with us in the midst of them.”- Emily P. Freeman

Today Meredith McDaniel concludes Chapter 13 of In Want + Plenty.  She describes how the Israelites felt after each of God’s provisions.  Certainly, they felt seen, known, and loved.  Although the children of Israel displayed patience (whether they liked it or not) and trust in God over long periods of time, He always came through.  Yet, God’s provision rarely looked the way the people expected.  But, God always provided!

Of course, we find this back and forth cycle of trust quickly followed by distrust quite maddening.  Therefore, Meredith advises, we need to halt this yo-yo effect.  Meredith counsels:

“When we become mindful of where we are in the moment, we give ourselves permission to be present in the here and now.  So often we look ahead and make plans and think we can make it all happen.  If only we could sit still for a second and relish the reality of now, we might grasp how loved and filled up we already are. . . .  We all share in the heartache of life’s unpredictable disappointments, yet we share in the radiant joys too.  If our lens could shift and we could start to see God’s hand bringing light into the dark, maybe we could begin to trust him more, even in our heaviest and darkest seasons.  What if our eyes shifted from what we need to what we already hold in our hands?”

Today’s question: When do you find yourself wishing to wave a magic wand to fix all your issues?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Blind to God’s good gifts – focused on pain”

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