A beautiful, incredible gift from God

By Dave Henning / July 5, 2020

“God gave us a beautiful, incredible gift when he made us.  When other people give you a gift, do you say, ‘Gee thanks, but let me hide this away under an ugly bushel basket right in front of you.’

No.  We put our gifts to good use even though that might take us out of our comfort zone and then we write a thank-you note.”- Jeannie Gaffigan

Writing in the Foreword to Jennifer Fulwiler’s  Your Blue Flame: Drop the Guilt and Do What Makes You Come Alive, Jeannie Gaffigan notes that Jennifer Fulwiler purpose in writing this book involves helping you find your true passion.  And not letting anything stand in your way!  Hence, Ms. Gaffigan offers this summary of Jennifer’s objective:

“In Your Blue Flame, Jen writes with clarity and purpose about that passion we all have inside, but bury under all the noise of life and all the things we think we should do, which usually leaves us floundering in unhappiness and frustration, wondering why we aren’t enjoying our lives even though everything might just look peachy to those around us.”

In addition, it’s possible for your blue flame to change many times throughout your life.  Also, that flame maybe small or big.  Perhaps, like Jennifer, you’ll use your blue flame to light the flame for others!

In Chapter 1, Jennifer Fulwiler observes that, as a young mother of three children under age three, she felt pent-up frustration.  Furthermore, she felt a little more lost and aimless with each passing week.  However, a decade and three more children later, Jennifer experienced a change in her mentality.  Because a deep satisfaction developed under the hard times and daily vexations.  Now she woke up each morning with a sense of purpose.

Finally, Jennifer found her blue flame – and gave herself permission to use it.  Yet, the author humorously asserts, she’s not a motivational speaker, lifestyle guru, or life coach.  But, she speaks as one who’s battled through guilt, fear, and what other people expect her to do.  She came out the other side with a life she loves.

Today’s question: What do you believe is your incredible gift from God?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Redefining the definition of blue flame”

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