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By Dave Henning / July 9, 2020

“Where’s an area where I can handle the pain of work better than the people around me?  The area where you are more well-equipped to suffer is the work you were meant to do.”- James Clear, entrepreneur

In Chapter 4 (“You Can Stop Feeling Self-Indulgent”) of Your Blue Flame, Jennifer describes what happens when you find the work you were meant to do.  You feel so good you assume that everyone yearns to do that work.  also, the author adds, you may feel so good that you think everyone else must practice self-restraint to keep themselves from joining you.  Therefore, as Jennifer once learned, “your blue flame is often invisible to you because you assume everyone wants to do it.”

For example, a friend of Jennifer’s, Angie Neumann, works for a Christina organization that helps people discover their God-given gifts.  One woman Angie counseled appeared to exhibit the special gift of hospitality.  Yet, the woman saw little remarkable about her life.  But, twelve years earlier, she had invited a family with financial struggles to live in her basement.  As a result, the family raved about the blessings they received.  And her witness filled the woman with joy and energy.  When Angie asked her how long the family stayed, the woman replied: “They’re still there.”

Consequently, Jennifer asserts, while others notice our greatest gifts, those gifts seem invisible to us.  Because we see the whole world through the lens of our passion.  In conclusion, Jennifer follows up on James Clear’s opening quote:

“When you ignite your blue flame, you are adding something new and beautiful to the world.  What you might even see is that this new and beautiful thing would be painful for someone else to create.  What feels like an invigorating challenge to you would be misery to the rest of us.  You’re suffering when you do this work, but you don’t feel it because you’ve found your blue flame.”

Today’s question: What blue flame enables you to handle the pain of work?  Please share.

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